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About Me

Hey there.  I hope that, if you’re reading this, you have at least an appreciation of the many weird, wacky, strange, or just plain dumb things you can find on the internet.  Because if you’re on this blog, that’s what you’ll be getting.  I won’t pretend to be super interesting or have some secret insight into the world, as I am currently lacking in both of those areas.


I know what I am.  I am a leftist ideologue that believes that all the world needs to do to be come a better place is to just sit and talk rationally with one another, and come to a grand consensus, because the world is filled with more good people than bad.  I am an atheist that holds the belief (see that?) that faith is a wonderful tool, but religion is a terrible sin.  I am a redditor, a nerd, a brony, a Canadian, a grammar Nazi, a gamer, and a million other labels that don’t really matter because something as complex as a person can not be defined by something as simple as a word or two, even if they choose to call themselves that very thing.  I am a college student trying to be a journalist, not to tell people just what I think, but to tell them the truth, no matter how harsh or unwanted it is.


Will I always be these things?  Hold these ideas close and dear to my heart?  I don’t know.  All I know is that you can come along for the ride with me.


Saddle up.

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